Our mission:

At Kspace we strive to become a second home for the young Jewish community ages 18-30 in the South Florida area. Our goal is to offer an open space for the youth to relax and have a good time while providing them with a path of enlightenment and tradition amongst a Jewish environment in order to awaken and strengthen their Jewish identity. With a board that is comprised of young adults, we are able to reach the youth, by understanding the youth. Through our entertaining and meaningful weekly events, we are committed to offering a means that will ignite the spiritual light found within every young Jewish soul.
What is K Space?
  • A Meeting Place for young Jewish adults ages 20-33
  • A Center for Jewish Learning
  •  An organization that plans various social activities
Florida has one of the country’s largest and growing young Jewish populations.
It is time we bring the younger members of our community back to their faith.
Young people need to connect with their peers in a safe and inviting environment
Young people need positive outlets for self-expression in order to steer clear of drugs, violence and crime.
All young people appreciate good leadership and role-models